New Items Make A/C Installations Easier


Its time to start looking at what’s new to help make your installations easier. Every split A/C job has line sets going into the building, which you have to seal and make look somewhat finished. Add a professional look to through the wall installations with the Thermo Thimble. The thimble is easy to install, and its half brick size and adjustable flange lends a clean look through wood, vinyl siding and masonry walls. The thimble creates a permanent, air-tight seal through walls and makes your job look professional. Ask for THP44008. Another time saver is the EZ TRAP. This is a condensate line trap which has a clear plastic u bend tube so you can see any blockage in the trap. The tee fittings supplied with the kit have removable caps, which can be opened allowing you to slide a long handled cleaning brush, which is provided with the kit, through the drain. Two models are stocked: the standard trap and one with a overflow safety switch which shuts down the system if the drain backs up. Ask for EZT113B, trap with brush or EZR210, trap with float and brush.

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