B&G Product Safety Recall Notice


B&G Dual Unit Valve Assemblies under the following Part Numbers & Date Codes Bell & Gossett Part Numbers: 110199-#8 ; 110200-#8 ; 110201-F-8 ; 110202-F-8TU Date Code Range of E30-M40 Please note that Bell & Gossett is formally recalling all of the above noted product with a manufacturing date code of E30 (May 2003) through M40 (December 2004). This includes the following specific date codes-E30, F30, G30, H30, J30, K30, L30, M30, A40, B40, C40, D40, E40, F40, G40, H40, J40, K40, L40 and M40. There is potential that the Relief Valve portion of the Dual Unit Valve may leak upon initial installation and/or system start-up. The leakage through the Relief Valve drain connection may potentially expose installer to hot water, resulting in a burn injury. This recall applies strictly to product that has not been installed. Units already installed are not affected since the potential leak would appear at time of installation. Yaun Co. does not stock these B&G dual unit valve assemblies, however, we are publishing this recall as a customer service announcement.

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