Control Products Motion Sensor


Control Products Motion Sensor Many of you have purchased and installed our FreezeAlarm™ product to protect your customer’s home against freeze ups. We are now excited to say that Control Products is offering a miniAlarm™ motion sensor that can be easily installed and activated by your Deluxe FreezeAlarm™. This home protection device can detect motion from 20 feet away and sound a powerful 130 dB siren. The device can also call out to three phone numbers to alert you of an intruder via the telephone. A 60 degree passive infrared beam detects motion up to 20 feet away. A 30 second exit and 4 second entry delay is provided. Convenient arming and disarming is provided through a touch of a button on a remote control. Enjoy your time away from home with a greater peace-of-mind by installing a motion sensor to compliment your FreezeAlarm™. Please allow 7-10 days leadtime.

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