HydroFLOW Water Condtioners

By Peggy Richardson

My eyes rolled back when Larry handed me a sales slip for a small bag, big enough for a New York bagel. The HydroFLOW™ model 38 retail list price is $492.07. He promised the sticker shock would soon fade away. He was tired of my complaining about water spots on the glassware; scale in the little holes of my steam iron; the scale that chokes my vaporizers; the elbow grease I have to put into cleaning the tubs and sinks! We have hard water and this gadget is my early Mother’s Day gift guaranteed to make these complaints fade away. The HydroFLOW™ was installed in minutes by himself, clipped on – switched on and the magic began. Soon no more choked pipes, boilers or water systems. No maintenance, no chemicals, no babysitting the device. It prevents scale build-up and it removes scale. How it Works The HydroFLOW™ is clipped on the cold water feed to the domestic hot water heater. Randomly varying electric fields are induced into the water. These fields circulate through the water in the entire plumbing system. The result is the production of nuclei throughout the water system. When the water is heated the resulting precipitate that deposits on hot surfaces, grows in suspension and develops as a crystal on the nuclei. The crystal/nuclei is washed away in the flow. The fields treat the water up and down stream and are transmitted into the central heating system to treat the primary water. The treated water is normally able to dissolve existing scale in just a few weeks! Yaun Co. offers this elect ronic breakthrough, code HYDR*HS38. It’s been a month since the HydroFLOW™ was installed. The vaporizers are functioning full throttle; my glassware and coffee pot twinkle; the steam iron’s holes are clear and the sinks and tubs sparkle much longer than usual! I am happy to report that those complaints have faded away as promised. Actually, shouldn’t this have been an early Father’s Day gift because of that?

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