Expedite Your Return Material

by Burt Robertson

During the winter time of year, we see an increase of customers returning left over material. Before you return any product, please look at the product’s condition and ask yourself, would you like to receive this product shipped to you for your next job? Does the product look in good clean condition, and is it still in its original box and not missing parts? We will also need the invoice number on which the material was purchased. You can then ask your salesman to stop by to inspect the material to be tagged. We will not accept any material water-stained or with mud marks from being in the back of an open truck or any material which has signs of having been installed such as screw holes, duct tape or cut ends. Also keep in mind that special fab material, cut wire, electrical controls, and special order items are not subject to return. If the material was shipped to you in error, it is still your responsibility to take care in keeping it clean. We will return to you, our customer, any product returned to us which is not in condition for resale or we might scrap it without credit. Our truck drivers will not pickup any material which has not been tagged. Also please do not put any material on the truck without a return goods tag, as you will most likely never see a credit as no one will know who it is from. Items claimed defective must be accompanied by all the necessary information to proceed with the vendor's defective claim policy. Please be specific when noting the “trouble”. Your help and cooperation will enable our office to return goods to the shelf for resale and apply the credit to your account in a “timely manner”.

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