We will be offering three Unico high velocity duct system schools. The tentative dates are April 21st, 28th and May 5th. These will be breakfast meetings to introduce and cover installation and layout options. The tentative locations of the schools will be Albany, Newburgh, and Oneonta. We will get the finalized information to your salesman in the next few weeks. If you know you are interested please contact Peggy Richardson at our Liberty office to signup. The innovative Unico System allows central air conditioning and heating installation in applications where total comfort is the goal. The Unico System uses a conventional outdoor condensing unit or heat pump in conjunction with a specially designed indoor high static blower system. A Unico high velocity duct system is your answer to the home or office building with no room for a conventional size duct system. Installation in areas already finished is a real challenge with conventional size equipment because it is hard to access. The Unico system is comprised of a high velocity blower module, a cooling or heat Mar. 05 Page 9 pump module, and optional electric or hot water heating module. The modules easily clamp together and are light enough for one person to install. They can be arranged to accommodate the widest range of options and configurations. The specially designed indoor evaporator fan/coil unit distributes air through a high static pressure system of small ducts. Supply ducts to individual rooms are only 2-inch inside diameter, and can be run over or around structural obstacles or through existing walls or closets where conventional duct will not fit. The main supply duct are 7, 9 or 10- inch depending on the size of the system. Metal duct comes in 5 ft lengths and we can provide insulation sleeves in R4 or R8 to speed up your installation. Older buildings, hydronically heated homes, and other applications historically deemed “impossible” can be air conditioned with a Unico System without major renovations or sacrifice of space. Don’t miss the upcoming breakfast school. This has become a real problem solver. Please contact us for more information.

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