WINCO PSS GENERATORS THE CURE FOR POWER OUTAGES Winter and early spring snow/ice storms not only cause aggravation due to plowing and shoveling but from power outages that these storms can produce. The past few snow seasons were so severe that it took utilities several days if not weeks to restore electricity in some areas. Who can wait weeks for power to be turned back on? Packaged Standby System (PSS) generators from Winco Inc. are a source of relief from no-electric situations. All generators (portables, PTO) produce electricity when line/utility power goes out. What makes the PSS models unique is that they utilize a transfer switch that automatically starts the generator when power goes out so no pull-starting (portable) or hooking up to a tractor (PTO) is necessary. The transfer switch monitors incoming line power 24/7 and, when this power is cut off, it sends a signal to start the generator. Once the generator gets up to speed, the switch automatically transfers the emergency load (critical circuits isolated in a secondary sub-panel) to the generator. Once utility power is restored the switch transfers back to line power. Available in LP and natural gas (direct hookup), the PSS generators come in 8, 12, 15 and 25 KW models. Transfer switches come in 100 and 200 amps and are available in single or 3-phase applications. A sound attenuated weatherproof housing keeps the generator dry as well as attractive so it won’t be an eyesore. Help your customers be prepared with a Winco Packaged Standby System that will automatically keep their power on. Don’t let them be in the dark!

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