Samsung 10 Seer Good Stock

With the production of 10 Seer now over, new products must be produced in 13 Seer the shock will soon set in. The small indoor units will be gone and a larger sized indoor unit will take its place. When mini splits were first introduced 20+ years ago the indoor units were quite large. Over the years manufactures have designed smaller and smaller indoor units by changing from slab coils to coil which wrap around the blower fan. To get the 13 Seer the new units will be enlarged to get more coil surface area. Home owners will soon complain about the new larger units. We will be able to help you out for as long as we can, we will still be able to provide you with the smaller 10 seer units. We placed a large order last fall to help make the transition a little smoother. If you have any jobs for mini splits let me know ASAP to insure you will have what you need before the 10 seer inventory gets depleted.