3M Fire Resistant Duct Wrap

3M fire barrier duct wrap 15A is a fire resistant wrap consisting of a patented inorganic blanket encapsulated with a scrim-reinforced foil. It is used to fire rate commercial kitchen grease ducts and is a proven alternative to 1 or 2 hour fire resistant rated shaft enclosures. This non-asbestos wrap contains a safer fiber construction and installs easily because of it high flexibility and strength. 3M fire barrier duct wrap 15A is the thinnest standard, single layer fire resistant wrap that has passed the UL1978 test which simulates a grease duct fire. With its excellent insulating capabilities, it is an ideal choice for tight spaces because it protects combustible constructions at zero clearance to the overlap or collar. 3M fire barrier 1000 N/S, 1003 S/L and 2000+ Silicone sealants used in combination with 3M fire barrier duct wrap 15A provide an effective fire stop when the duct penetrates fire rated walls and floors.