Markell “BULLDOG” HEATERS Now Obsolete

The old standby “BULLDOG” electric heater line from MARKEL PRODUCTS is now obsolete. The square, usually hanging, heater that has warmed basements, workbenches and crawlspaces for many years is no longer. Not to worry, MARKEL is replacing these heaters with a line that has no nickname as yet and is round in shape, not square (see accompanying picture). The new heaters, available in Spring 2006, will operate on either 240 or 208 volts and will come with a 6ft. long cord and plug end (the BULLDOG units had the OPTION of either a cord/plug or hard-wiring direct to a panel – not so with the new heaters). A swivel base will allow the heaters to be installed in ceiling, floor or wall mounted applications. As with the BULLDOG heaters, a unit mounted thermostat with a 35-85 F degree range is standard. Yaun Co. will be stocking the 4 and 5.6 KW models as in the past. Contact your local salesman for pricing on these “yet to be named” portable electric heaters. 10” Room to Room Fan · 380 CFM 6.5 Sones. · Built-in variable speed control. · Housing adjusts to fit walls from 3” to 5-1/2” thick. · Easy interior wall installation. · Permanently lubricated motor. · High-strength, reinforced polymeric fan blade. · Two attractive white polymeric grilles can be painted to match decor. Eliminate humidity from laundry rooms, tobacco smoke from rec rooms and workshops, or cooking fumes from kitchens with Broan's high-efficiency utility ventilators. Model 510 The Largest Selection of Wiring Devices for Construction and Maintenance Lighting Controls Commercial, Industrial and Residential Wiring Devices