Markel Products Electric Baseboard

With the price of residential heating fuels skyrocketing the past few months, the demand for electric baseboard heaters has risen as well. Homeowners are looking for less expensive ways to heat their homes and electric baseboard units, with their low purchase and installation costs, are a good alternative to fossil fuel heating systems. Yaun Co. stocks the MARKEL PRODUCTS series 2900 electric baseboard heaters. These have an aluminum heating element as well as aluminum fins to disperse the heat. The baseboard cabinet is painted (stocked in ivory white available as special order only) 22 gauge rust resistant steel with junction boxes on each end for ease of installation. The junction boxes contain quick-connect cable clamps and 6 ground lead wires. Optional built-in thermostats can be installed in these junction boxes. A high thermal limit extends the entire length of the heater. Yaun Co. stocks heaters from 24 to 8 long with wattages from 500 to 2000 watts. Offer your customers a less costly way to heat their homes with MARKEL PRODUCTS electric baseboard heating units!