Mecury Lighting Switches to Electronic Ballasts

MERCURY LTG PRODUCTS, in their ongoing effort to provide high efficiency fluorescent fixtures, announced that certain fixtures will be manufactured with electronic ballasts as standard. The old style magnetic energy saving ballasts will no longer be available in these fixtures. Two fixtures affected by this are basic items for Yaun Co.’s inventory: the 2 light 8ft strip and the 2X4 lay-in (“drop-in” for drop ceilings). The MM296 strip is being replaced by the MM296ELB120V. The new fixture will still require the F96T12CWEW lamps as in the past so no change in lamp stock will be necessary. The change in the lay-in fixtures will affect your lamp stock, however. The 35E240 (2 lamp) and 35E440 (4 lamp) will now be the 35E232OCT9AELB and 35E432OCT9AELB. These will require the F32T8 lamps instead of the F40CWRSEW (when an order is entered here at Yaun Co., the correct lamps will automatically show up on our computer terminal screen) lamps. The fixtures will have the same prismatic lens as before. All of the new fixtures are now in stock for immediate sale. Your customers will reap the savings in energy usage compared to the magnetic ballast fixtures.