Grow your business by selling the best

By John Borden

Price objection frustrations are part of any business and have to be dealt with. The contractor who’s ready for them with a planned, positive reply increases his sales success’s greatly. Our idea of offering a better, more expensive system requires study and discipline but once the homework is done selling gets to be fun and very profitable. Think about it. When you buy shoes do you buy the cheapest pair you can find, or do you prefer comfortable fit and purpose? People buy value as they perceive it. It should be easier for a contractor to sell a high end heating system than for a car salesman to sell a high end car. The life of the heating system is far longer and fuel efficiency savings much greater. Can it be that car salesmen, as a group, are better closers than heating system salesmen. I think so. Contractors who have not mastered the art of selling a particular system will frequently leave the order “on the table” for the competition. That’s why we recommend Viessmann boiler seminars in Rhode Island. Viessmann makes the best, most efficient, dependable boilers in the world. They ought to... they’re also some of the most expensive boilers on the market. But you get what you pay for; and they are the world's leading manufacturer of heating technology. How about that!!! We believe a good contractor/salesman needs to learn how to explain the benefits of buying the best. It gets him away from and above the price issue. In today’s market, it’s one of the keys to growing a business.