Compressor Stake on Repair Kit

Compressor Stake on Repair Kit With the high price of the new 13 seer condensing units many owners will be wanting you to repair what ever you can. We have in stock the Therm-Lok compressor stake on repair kit. Now when you find terminal burnt off at the compressor you maybe able to use this repair kit to a new connection. The precision brass cylinder will not break down under heat like plastic. The 600 volt 65 strand machine wire is permanently attached to the brass cylinder and come in a set of three color coded wires. A insulator spacer is provided to place between the repaired connectors. The use of stainless steel screws helps resist reactions. The repair will fit inside the original electrical cover plate. The repair kits come in three sizes ask for.
Item Code Characteristics
DIVTLC310 3 wire 10GA.
DIVTLC312 3 wire 12GA.
DIVTLC38 3 wire 8GA.