BioDiffuser™ Gravel-less Septic System


When the spring rains stop and the ground dries out, the calls will then begin for replacement or construction of new septic systems and leach fields. Please keep in mind that we can supply you with a 1000-gallon plastic septic tank that has features to make your job easier. Perhaps more importantly, as you know we have handled BioDiffuser™ chambers by Advanced Drainage Systems for some time. We are pleased that the Bio 3 leaching system has unofficially been approved in New York State for use in a reduced absorption trench length application. Since the procedure for providing a revision to Appendix 75-A will take considerable time, an applicant, in the mean time, may appeal to the local Department of Health for a waiver. Now not only will this system provide for a faster, cleaner installation of a leach field but you may also be able to reduce the linear footage. It should be noted that the “perc” requirements remain the same. If you have any questions about the performance or installation of this system, ask your area Yaun Company representative for details or call the Liberty office.

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