Poor Radiant Design or How Not To!!


Radiant Heating: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! There is tremendous interest in providing radiant heating in homes being constructed today as well as older homes. Customers are willing to pay a fair price for the comfort and efficiency of a properly and neatly installed radiant space heating system. Since Yaun Company has been involved with radiant heating for such a long time, we are proud to say that we have developed a good reputation as a knowledgeable and dependable supply house. As such, we are getting more and more calls from customers that are not happy with radiant systems already installed. For those of you who have taken the time to attend one of our many Heatlink™ radiant schools, you know how to install a system quickly and properly. For those who have not, take a good look at what you have created. Are you proud of the appearance, the operation and is the homeowner satisfied to the point of talking it up to friends? Contractors who are continuing to install standard snap-action, on-off type thermostats and manual mixing valves cannot provide for precise control of the room temperatures. If you are guilty of installing pex tubing without using heat transfer plates you are not maximizing heat transfer ability therefore you are not providing the most fuel efficient system. If you are installing tubing with clips or hangers, take another look at that tubing after its been allowed to reach operating temperatures, what might have been a minimal separation of tubing from the floor will most likely be considerably more in many spots. The tubing must expand when heated and when it does it will sag or move. Installation of manual mixing valves provides for design temperature only when the supply temperature remains constant. When the boiler water supply temperature fluctuates, so too the mixed temperature changes. What temperature are you really sending to the floor? Even though you may have been installing radiant space heating for some time, could you do it easier, neater and better? Call Yaun Company for the better way!

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