Milwaukee Offers New V28 Tool Line


Milwaukee Offers New V28 Tool Line Everything you thought about cordless tools has changed. This breakthrough technology allows Milwaukee to introduce new tools like the world’s first cordless band saw powerful enough for everyday professional use. The V28 line of tools also includes a hammer-drill, circular saw, sawzall, reciprocating saw, impact wrench, work light and battery charger. The V28 system is based on a totally new Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery developed by Milwaukee. The Li-ion technology uses a special molecule structure that allows current to flow three dimensionally instead of through two-dimensional layers in the cell. Result: astonishing increases in power and in run time and ability to run powerhungry tools, such as a hammer-drill, sawzall recip saw, circular saw, impact wrench and band saw. These tools can run at faster speeds, with more power and for a longer time between charges than ever before. This technology can be adapted to many applications that were once untouchable by cordless tool power. Other heavy-duty tools are in the pipeline and will be added to the V28 line. For more information visit their web site www. or contact your Yaun Company Inc. salesperson.

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