SqD Product Safety Notice Issued on Disconnect Switches


SQUARE D PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE ANNOUNCED Square D has announced a possible manufacturing nonconformance on certain 30 and 60 amp General Duty safety switches. The nonconformance refers to possible missing “DANGER” labels on these switches. This label is visible on the outside cover of the switch and must be replaced if missing. Catalog numbers affected by this safety notice are:
If contractors have any of these model safety switches in stock, check to see if any are affected by this notice by inspecting the DATE OF MANUFACTURE (date code) near the carton label as shown below. Date Code Carton Product Label with Date Code

If the safety switch has been removed from the original carton or has been installed, check for a “DANGER” label on the door (outside cover). If this label (RED and WHITE) is missing, contact Yaun Co. or Square D for replacement safety switches.

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