Zip-Ez Flex Duct Fastening System


The fast easy permanent professional revolutionary way to attach duct wrap and insulated flex duct. The Zip-Ez all purpose fasteners unique 2 1/8” dia. design gives you fast and easy one-handed installation. You don’t need any special tools to use Zip-Ez. Permanent holding power Zip-Ez fasteners are more permanent than just tie wire, duct tape or plastic ties. Zip-Ez mechanically secures duct wrap, fiber-free reflective insulation and flexible duct using a sheet metal screw, which you supply. The proper length sheet metal screw needs to match the thickness of the material being secured. Zip-Ez all purpose, non-metallic, mechanical fasteners won’t lose bonding properties in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Don’t just rely on tape or staples alone. Zip-Ez all purpose fasteners pay for themselves , because of their ease of use, saves your company hours of installation time on each job. And because they last and last, you won’t have to waste valuable time with call backs. Zip-Ez fasteners will give your installations a neat, more professional appearance. With today’s 3” thick R8 duct wrap being so bulky and hard to secure, Zip-Ez just made your job easier. Zip-Ez comes 250 pieces per bag, . Ask for ZIPEZ Page 7

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