New Items: Coils from Aspen

New Items from Aspen For years we have stocked and sold the Aspen air handler which has both a A/C coil and a hot water coil. This season we will also be stocking the FMB cooling only multi-position air handler. This is a fully insulated galvanized steel cabinet with painted front panels. It featuress direct drive flex mounted multi speed blower, high efficiency copper tube / alum fin coil and TX valve, 40va transformer fan time delay are all standard for our new 13 Seer requirements. Yaun Company will also be stocking Aspenís CE multi-position cased coils. We will be stocking the 14,17,21 & 24 standard width which are a direct match to fit the Ruud furnaces. These coils will also be the same color to match our Ruud furnaces.