Square D 100 AMP Meter/Main Device in Stock

In 2005, Yaun Co. began stocking 200 amp combination service entrance devices (CSED’s) with feed-thru lugs for installations in the NYSEG and Central Hudson utility territories. Electrical contractors enjoyed savings in material (less fittings needed for the installation) as well as in labor (quicker installation time – no need to install a separate meter and then a service disconnect). We are now stocking a 100 amp version of these combination devices. The SQUARE D model number RC816F100CH is a ringless device with a service disconnect (QOM2100VH), a HOMELINE 8/16 circuit interior and feed-thru lugs. It has a horntype bypass, as required by the utilities and is rated for both underground and overhead services. In this economy, contractors look for ways to save money on jobs without giving up quality in their workmanship. SQUARE D and Yaun Co. offer three ways to save with their combination service entrance devices. Try one on your next job and experience the savings other contractors are enjoying.