New Portable UV Air Purification


Field Controls has expanded their line of UVAIRE models to include two portable models for homes and businesses without a forced air system. The new portable models combine the purifying power of UV with high efficiency and carbon filtration to reduce dust, pollen, odors. These models also sterilize and reduce airborne contaminates such as mold mildew and other volatile organic compounds. The UV-500C and UV-1500C provide concentrated UV power in bedrooms, living rooms, and offices…where it’s needed most. Each portable model utilizes a motorized impeller with multi-speed control to quietly and efficiently circulate and treat indoor air. The UV- 500C is recommended for rooms up to 500 square feet while the UV-1500C can purify areas up to 1500 square feet. For those who require extra protection, the 24/7 benefits of the in-duct models can be enhanced with the concentrated power of the portable units. The combined use of portable and in-duct models is an extremely effective whole house solution. This approach is recommended for anyone with allergies, a respiratory illness such as asthma, or a compromised immune system. Think of Field Controls for all your UV-AIRE needs. For more information and literature ask your salesman or contact our sales office. A personal note from the editor: I purchased the portable model this fall for our home and saw a remarkable difference in the use of tissues for our allergies. It works!

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