Do your customers have water pipes that freeze-up from the frigid winter temperatures? Costly repairs due to pipes bursting can be prevented by installing “FREEZE FREE” self-regulating cable from EASY HEAT.

The FREEZE FREE cable has a self-regulating core in the center which adjusts to the surrounding temperatures. When it gets cold, the core has many conductive paths that will generate enough heat to prevent the water in the pipe from freezing. Once temperatures warm, there are fewer conductive paths so less heat is produced. This self-regulating technology ensures that the right amount of heat is produced where it is needed to prevent freeze-ups.

FREEZE FREE runs on 120 volts and can be used on plastic and metal pipes. The cable is UL Listed and will operate for years without needing to be serviced. The cable has a rugged metal jacket that serves as an electrical ground as well as providing protection against damage.

Yaun Co. stocks the FREEZE FREE cable in 100 ft. coils (SMG2102) and on master reels for specific length cuts (SMG2302R). A plug/end cap kit (SMG10802) is needed to complete the installation. Help your customers prevent costly freeze-ups by installing FREEZE FREE cable

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