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Think of Yaun Co. when you need any registers and grilles. We have stocked the Hart & Cooley registers for the last 30 years. Hart & Cooley is good quality and not average stamped junk. Don’t get cheap on the registers to save a few bucks, your customers will think of you every time they look at the floor, wall, or ceiling register. If it is a poor quality register your customer will think less and less of your work as time passes and the inexpensive registers show wear and tear. The Hart & Cooley are made from heavy metal and will not disappoint your customer. We stock both residential and light commercial product from floor to ceiling registers and grilles and filter grilles. Ask for your free Hart & Cooley product catalogue today. Repainting Grilles, Registers and Diffusers Reprinted from Hart & Cooley’s TECH TALK, September 2005 by Dave Fetters Since we are often asked how to repaint our registers, the answer sounded like a good Tech Talk subject!

Every part, whether it is made from steel, aluminum, or plastic, whether painted or anodized, can be repainted. A common starting pint for any product is to ensure a clean surface. Just wipe off a dusty surface with a clean, dry cloth. If grease or a similar contaminate is present, clean with a mild dish detergent or diluted alcohol to cut the grease, then dry thoroughly.

DO NOT use aggressive chemical cleaners like lacquer thinner, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), acetone, nail polish remover, PVC cleaner, bleach and the like, because they will eat into the existing paint or, on plastic, attack the surface. Lightly rubbing the hard, glossy finish of our product with fine steel wool or a Scotch-Brite® pad allows the new paint to adhere better. Priming is not required. A couple of light color coats are preferred over one heavy coat. Spraying will provide better coverage than brushing. Lacquer, latex, and urethane-, acrylic– or PVC-based paints all work, even on the RESSIN™ products. Krylon® Fusion and H2O™ work well.

If spray lacquer will be used, be use to shake the can well; otherwise, the thinners and paint in the can may not mix, and the result could damage the surface to be painted.

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