Liberty Habitat House Funds Raised Update

by Peggy Richardson  

To recap, a HFH family has been selected for the future 3- bedroom house on the corer of Kelly and Dwyer Avenues in Liberty. Zaida Chasi and her three children have passed the interviews and requirements with flying colors!

The excavation is underway and the foundation will be installed soon. David Zeiger of New City did the surveying gratis. The Construction Committee met with the engineer to walk the soggy grounds. While the HFH secretary Diane Garry waited roadside a gentleman drove up to inquire about the Habitat site. He proceeded to tell her that the local IBW363 electricians’ union requires its members to do a set amount of hours for community work. They want to invest their time into this house!

Meanwhile, fundraisers are ongoing for the Liberty Habitat House. We are still collecting dead ink cartridges from your printers; raffle tickets for a gorgeous handmade quilt are being sold; HFH tee shirts are for sale; and a Broadway Concert at the Wurtsboro Church is scheduled for Nov. 26th, 8PM, $15pp, $10 for seniors and students. Free beverage and desserts afterward. For more information please call Peggy at Yaun Co.’s Liberty office.

Thank you to those who sponsored me in the 5-mile walk for HFH. I turned in a total of $336.00 in pledges and the day was perfect for the event.

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