Yaun Co. Hosts Nordyne / Miller School


The focus of this yearís Miller mobile home heating school was the new M3 90% gas furnace. Many serviceman have reported seeing this new furnace shipping in new manufactured homes. The school covered both service and installation information to convert from a conventional MOC or CMF mobile home furnace to a M1 series or the M3 series.

To refresh your memory about what makes the M series different I will cover the basics. The first and most important is the combustion air is supplied by the double walled chimney pipe, the hot flue gases going up the center pipe and the cold fresh air drops down the outer pipe getting preheated by the inner pipe.

What does this mean for you? You can now install a split system a/c coil under the furnace. Many of the new manufactured homes come with a coil case installed under the furnace, if not, we stock the coil case which can be added to an existing furnace. Many homeowners would like to have A/C but donít want the self contained style with flex duct connecting the outside unit to the ductwork You can offer your customer this option when quote a replacement furnace to replace their old MMG, MOC or CMF furnace. These get the makeup air from under the furnace through the floor base. It is very easy to convert to the new style M furnace. Just replace the floor base and make your connection to the old duct. The M1 roof jack gets replaced with the double wall style. This roof jack is a telescoping type and extends all the way down to the top of the furnace. The M3 90+ gas furnace uses PVC vent pipe. Yaun Co. stocks an adapter kit that allows you to use the old M1 chimney as a chase,. The kit caps off the top and allows the PVC pipe to exit the roof with out disturbing the roof seal.

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