The PVC electrical conduit situation has become difficult, at best, in regard to BOTH price and availability. The price on this conduit has more than doubled since mid-September and lead times on orders has gone from 1 week to 3-7 weeks, depending on the manufacturer.

According to our suppliers, there is a variety of causes for this situation; many are directly related to the recent storms in the Gulf Coast area. One immediate effect of the storm was the increase in the cost of petroleum/gas. Since the resins that are used in the manufacturing process of PVC conduit and fittings are petroleum based, this is one cause of the increase in price. The storm also affected the production of the resins, making it harder for manufacturers to purchase the resins, which has slowed down conduit production. Many of the manufacturers have been put on resin allocation, which has limited the amount of conduit they can produce.

The rebuilding process of the Gulf Coast area also affects conduit availability since it is consuming huge quantities of construction products (galvanized/rigid conduit and copper wire included as well), putting large demands on manufacturers. The delivery chain has also affected prices. Trucking companies, having to deal with the increase in fuel costs, are adding surcharges to their deliveries; another cause of increased prices. In addition, many manufacturers are having problems finding available trucking to carry their finished goods to wholesalers – another cause in the longer lead times.

Hopefully, this difficult situation will correct itself and the price and availability of PVC conduit will return to “normal” levels. Until then, Yaun Co. will no longer honor requests for full-skid orders of this conduit, in order to maintain stock levels to handle regular job needs for our contractors.

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