Wood Stoves Need Good Chimneys


With the price of fuel rising many homeowners will be trying to save money on fuel by burning wood. Be on the lookout for unsafe chimneys, we stock the full line of Selkirk Metalbestos chimney products. The older cement chimney needs to be inspected before use, many have cracked liners, which are unsafe and should be relined. Yaun Co. stocks two types of liners a stainless liner kit for wood and oil and a aluminum liner which is used for gas fired equipment. Both kits are stocked in 25 and 35 ft lengths. If you see a single wall smoke pipe going from the wood stove to the chimney and it is close to combustible material, have the pipe changed to Metalbestos model DSP double wall stove pipe. This gives you reduced clearance which is the same size as the pipe. A 6” DSP pipe can be installed 6” from a combustible material. If your customer has no chimney we stock the Metalbestos all fuel stainless chimney, which is a double wall stainless pipe with 1” insulation. This chimney only needs 2” clearance to combustibles and allows for many types of installations.

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