Anode Rod Inspections)

Anode Rods Inspection Years ago one of our vendors made the statement that the single most important thing that a homeowner could do to prolong the life of his/her water heater is to inspect and change the anode rod regularly. As more and more of the consumable water within our trading area degrades, it becomes ever more important to make this a regularly scheduled maintenance. If the appliance is a stand-alone fired water heater or an indirect makes no difference. If the water heater contains an anode rod, it does so for a reason. Viessmann now has a sticker applied to their Ceraprotect-lined water heater that provides for the contractor to note the installation date and regular inspections as well as a date for anode replacement as needed. This peelable sticker with information noted must accompany any claim made under warranty. Note: To make anode rod inspection easier at a later date, upon initial installation loosen the connection and reseal with appropriate sealant. I’m told then it will only take a “man and one boy” to remove later in time, rather than two men and a four foot pipe wrench.