Braeburn“Make the Switch” Promotion

“Make the Switch” Promotion Braeburn Systems is pleased to introduce our new 500 Series Megaswitch Mechanical Thermostats. Our revolutionary megaswitch magnetic switching technology provides solid thermostat performance and accuracy, giving your customers the affordability, durability and reliability they need to replace mercury-bulb thermostats on every job. The heart of this new series is our special heavy-duty encapsulated reed switch that is designed to withstand hundreds of thousands of switch cycles without failing—over 400% more than any mercury-bulb or snap-action thermostat that simply meets the minimum NEMA DC-3 testing standards. This could mean 25 years or more of rugged performance! But it doesn’t stop there. With our special heavy-duty anticipator assembly, integrated sub-base and plated front-mounted wiring terminals, our mechanical thermostats are designed for easy installation and years of reliable service. Plus, we provide the same industry leading Contractor Branding Program that we offer with our digital thermostats. When you combine the functional strength of our mechanical thermostats, competitive pricing and our contractor branding program—you have a combination that can’t be beat! Our megaswitch mechanical thermostats come in three different models: Single Stage Heat/Cool (Model 500). Heat Only (Model 505) and Cool Only (Model 507). They are packaged individually and ship 12 units per master carton. Be sure to take advantage of our “Make the Switch!” Special Introductory Promotion. For every 144 thermostats you purchase, get 12 thermostats FREE thru Dec. 28, 2006.