Radiant Heat and Electric Wires = Danger!!

In a recent Heatlink™ in-house training session, a general discussion evolved about the fact that contractors continue to install dry nail-up systems without heat transfer plates. Repetition is needed about the benefits one achieves by installing these plates. Such as the ability to run lower supply water temperatures and the fact that more than twice the BTU’s can be extracted per foot versus bare tube. All this contributes to maximum system efficiency and comfort. “Disturbing” was the discussion about systems that are installed as a nail-up where the tubing is either hung from the floor above or fastened along the floor joists. The space between the joists then is enclosed with insulation and in affect becomes a heated “plenum”. Often times electrical wires share the space in the floor joist cavity. What temperatures are the electrical cables rated at? At what point does the joist itself lose structural strength when subject to prolonged high temperatures? Please call our Liberty office to confirm the proper way to install a dry nail-up radiant system.