Leviton's New “SMARTLOCKPRO” GFCI Receptacle

LEVITON MFG. has long been an industry leader in the proponent of electrical safety and continually works to improve product design and ensure the proper installation and testing of GFCI receptacles. The introduction of the new “SMARTLOCKPRO” GFCI continues LEVITON’S leadership role and complies with the UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) new safety standards regarding GFCI functionality. The new UL943 standard (effective July 28, 2006) reads “If a miswiring (line/load reversal) occurs during installation, the GFCI must NOT be capable of supplying power to either the GFCI’S face or to feed-through terminals. The “SMARTLOCKPRO” series meets this standard with its true “dead-face” design. If it is miswired, it cannot be reset, blocking delivery of power to the face as well as its feed-through (downline) terminals. The receptacle will now be completely dead and a green LED indicator will be ON showing the line/load reversal. Once the “SMARTLOCKPRO” is wired properly and can be reset, the LED comes on indicating power and stays on as long as the receptacle is operating correctly. SmartLockPRO Line-Load Reversal & End-of-Line Indicators

Another UL requirement met by the “SMARTLOCKPRO” is its “end-of-life” indication. When GFCI receptacles reach the end of their service life, they no longer provide ground fault protection. Surges, other electrical disturbances or environmental and physical abuse can damage a GFCI. Leviton’s “SMARTLOCKPRO” will not engage if protection has been compromised, which avoids having a live UNPROTECTED receptacle that doesn’t provide ground fault protection. These new “SMARTLOCKPRO” GFCI receptacles will be in stock at Yaun Co. in mid-November. The 15 amp part number will be 7599 and the 20 amp will be 7899. As in the past, we will stock these in brown, ivory and white.