WINCO PSS Generator Systems For Winter Power Outages

As the leaves turn colors and the temperatures drop, we are faced with the realization that winter is right around the corner. Winter ice storms, with the inevitable electric power outages that accompany them, cause problems for us all. WINCO INC offers a solution to these power outages with the PSS (Packaged Standby System) line of automatic generator systems. The PSS is a permanently installed, fully automatic, emergency system that continuously monitors incoming utility power supply and provides electrical power to pre-selected circuits (lighting, heating/cooling, water pump, appliances, etc.) when the utility power is interrupted. The “brain” behind the PSS systems is an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that constantly monitors incoming utility power. When the ATS senses an interruption of power, it sends a “start” signal to the generator. The generator then produces temporary power which the ATS distributes to the connected distribution panel with the selected circuits. Once utility power is restored, the ATS signals to generator to shut down and returns the panel back to normal utility power. The PSS systems run on LP or natural gas and are available for both single phase and 3-phase applications. Single phase systems start at 4.9 kw (20.4 amps) and go up to 70 kw (291 amps). 3-phase models run from 15 kw to70 kw and are available in 120/208v, 120/240v and 277/480v. ATS switches are available in 100, 200 and 400 amps in both single phase and 3-phase models. WINCO has nearly 80 years experience producing power systems, manufacturing better-engineered, longer lasting and more dependable products. When choosing an emergency standby power system for your customer (residential or commercial), don’t settle for anything less than a PSS from WINCO and Yaun Co.