What Makes Braeburn Thermostats Different?

by Burt Robertson  

The new brands of thermostats which are on the market today offer the basic same options and features. However, Braeburn’s new premier series of stats has raised the bar with more standard features at or below the others basic model prices.
They feature:
Free Advertising Your name on battery cover plate easily replaces blank cover. Braeburn systems makes advertising your company’s name and services quick and easy. Their program allows you to laser mark up to 3 lines of copy (30 characters per line) on the inside battery door. This allows you to advertise your services while maintaining the quality appearance of the thermostat for the home owner. Other competitive brands programs require you to purchase huge inventories to get your name printed on the outside of the stat making it unsightly.
The Braeburn thermostats maintain the contemporary appearance of the thermostat on the outside, and advertise your company’s serices 24 hours a day on the inside. It is a known fact the when a heating or cooling unit is not working the first place everyone checks is the thermostat. Your name will be the first thing your customer sees when they lift the cover. You now can get FREE advertising into your customers homes where it will get the most attention when it is time for maintenance or equipment repair.
Wall Mounting Plate
All the connecting wires hook directly to a wire terminal strip mounted on the wall mounting plate. After the wiring is complete simply snap the thermostat onto the wall plate no chance of over tightening the wires and cracking the printed circuit board. Up grade from non programmable to any of the premier line stats by simply unsnapping the stat and snapping a new stat on, no wires need to be removed the wall plate is the same for all the premier stats.
Adaptive Recovery Mode
The thermostat is equipped with a special deluxe feature to maximize homeowner comfort, convenience and energy savings. When in a set back period their adaptive recovery mode will automatically calculate when to initiate your heating or cooling system up to 2 hours prior to the upcoming comfort set point time. During this period it will monitor system performance. This deluxe feature will allow the system to recover to the comfort set point temperature near the set point time selected by the user, to maximize comfort.
Extended Hold (Vacation) Mode:
There are two options in the hold mode, the extended hold “LG” will allow the homeowner to hold a desired set point temperature indefinitely by pressing the hold button it is released by pressing the hold button again. The short term hold “SH” will automatically return to the program after 24 hours.
Key pad Lock:
To prevent accidental or undesired temperature adjustment, The keypad lock disables operation of the keypad except for the backlight key. The lock is done by pressing and holding two designated keys.
Back Light:
Bright back light at the touch of a button.
Off Display
The system Cool-Off-Heat switch will display OFF on the display when the switch if left in the off position. This will save you time with no heat calls due to the system being turned off in error and will save the homeowner a service call charge.
Reset Button:
Small hole allows front access to reset button on the board with out removing the cover.
Fan Recirculating Mode:
The fan switch will have a new stop ( Auto-R-On) The R= recirculate mode will allow the blower to cycle on for 12 min. every hour. This will provide more even temperature distribution and improves air quality when you are using air cleaners humidifiers and UV air purifiers.
Residual Cooling Fan Delay
Cooling efficiency is improved by running the system fan for a selectable time period after the compressor cycle is complete.
Filter Check Monitor:
Filter reminder in days everyone else has been using hours. Pick from 30, 60, 90, 120, or 180 days. When activated the filt display will flash when the picked number of days is reached.
Non-Volatile Memory
In the event of power loss, all user settings including set point temperatures are maintained permanently in electronic memory.
ESD Guard Electronic Circuitry
The premier series thermostats are designed to provide the maximum protection against electronic thermostat damage due to electrostatic discharges which occur during installation or use in the home.

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