Invensys Controls has introduced a new FIREX combination smoke /carbon monoxide (CO) detector with advanced electrochemical sensing CO technology and the industry’s first true gas-sensor testing feature. The new model #12000 features the Monox Sensor with “True-Test” sensor diagnostics. This feature, exclusive to FIREX, provides a higher level of protection from the “silent killer” – carbon This testing verifies that the CO sensor is working properly and warns when the sensor is nearing the end of its service life.

Being a combination unit, a benefit is provided to Yaun Co. customers because the #12000 satisfies most building code requirements for fire and CO protection in a single unit.This will reduce contractor installation costs. The #12000 is NOT connectable to its predecessor, the #7000 (combination unit) or the #6045 (CO 120v/battery). It CAN be connected to the #5000 (smoke alarm 120v/battery) that is sold by Yaun Co. The #12000 is also a 120v unit with a 9v battery back-up. Offer your customers the safety of both smoke and carbon monoxide protection. They’ll appreciate it.

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