SQUARE D COMBINATION SERVICE ENTRANCE DEVICE (NYSEG) Yaun Co. is now stocking a combination service entrance device (CSED) for use in the NYSEG utility area. The SQUARE D #RC816F200CH is a “meter-main” combination unit, meaning that it has a utility meter socket and a factory-installed service disconnect to feed downstream devices. NYSEG requires all meter devices to be ringless (for meter installation/removal) and include a horn bypass feature. The RC816F200CH meets these important requirements. It is rated at 200 amperes and contains the HOMELINE feed-through main breaker interior for branch feeding (typically used with indoor mounted subfeed panels). The unit is for surface mounting and can be used for either overhead or underground applications. Meter-mains are used in residential applications where local codes require service disconnects to be located outside of the building. The RC816F200CH complements the combination device Yaun Co. currently stocks for the Central Hudson utility region, the SC816D200C.

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