Who needs insurance??


Unfortunately, the society in which we live today forces professionals to carry business insurance. One serious mistake made as a professional could result in the loss of everything you’ve worked for. You wouldn’t think of operating your motor vehicle without protection. The point to this little dialogue is that when you consider systems to install it would be good business sense to inquire about vendor protection beyond the replacement of defective parts. Most limited warranties tend to agree to replace only those parts that are found to be manufacturing defects. Who pays for damages caused by the alleged defective parts? The homeowner sues the contractor, the contractor sues the vendor and so it goes with the attorneys making money. More to the point, if you have made the correct choice to install a Viega water system, then why would you not also take advantage of the added protection they provide through their Product Liability Insurance. It’s automatic, provided you meet certain requirements such as being properly trained, installing the components as per the manual and using Viega supplied parts and components. If you think about the possibilities, it stands to reason that the most likely part to fail in any system is that which is provided by the famous others. Let Viega provide you with the ease, speed and peace of mind you deserve when installing your next pex-based water system. Call us today for additional information.

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