Ruud 90+ Gas Furnaces The Only Way To Go

It is well known that Ruud 90+ gas furnaces are one of the most reliable furnaces on the market. Add this to the high rising fuel costs and the $500 tax credit and you will have an easy sell and a very satisfied customer. The Ruud 90+ is available in a single stage UGRA up flow and UGTA down flow / horizontal 92-93.5% AFUE. The UGRK Dual Comfort Control has a two stage up flow, 92% AFUE. Most of the time this furnace will operate in its energy saving “low-heat” stage to deliver a gentle and steady flow of heating comfort. The burner flame is smaller and the blower fan operates on a slower speed. As the furnace senses that it is not keeping up with the demand it switches up to “high fire” with the flame and blower both switching to high speed. Conventional furnaces, operate at just one stage “high heat” and then abruptly shut off when a selected temperature is reached. So the temperature of the home constantly swings up and down, warming when the furnace runs, and cooling off when it’s not running. With the Dual Comfort Control the temperature of your home stays at the comfort level you select, without the up and down temperature swings. Raise your expectations of what a furnace should do and be. The Ruud UGFD Modulating gas furnace is a highly sophisticated heating product, yet the concept behind it is quite simple. A conventional furnace is either on or off at 100% and the temperature in your home goes up and down as much as 5°. The Ruud UGFD modulating furnace with contour comfort control is so versatile it allows you to decide the level of comfort you want by the thermostat you choose. Unlike any other gas furnace in the industry today, when using a one-stage thermostat, this furnace will operate as a three stage gas furnace, with stages of 40%, 65% & 100% capacity. What advantage does this provide to your customer? Its all about comfort without additional energy costs. With a low-stage of 40% capacity, your home will be bathed with heat and eliminate those temperature swings you have experienced with your old furnace. If you choose to step up to a two-stage thermostat, the furnace will provide an advantage that once again, no other furnace in the industry can achieve. With a low-stage of 40% capacity, (compared to 65% capacity provided by other manufacturers), the Ruud modulating furnace with contour comfort control will provide a more constant supply of heat, which will result in comfort unmatched by any other gas furnace. The ultimate choice in comfort is the Ruud Achiever 90 Plus with the comfort control thermostat. This furnace takes full advantage of its ability to operate in a full range of capacities, from 40% to 100% firing rate. The technology of the thermostat actually allows it to learn by recording operating characteristics every time the furnace is used. This results in the most efficient use of energy possible, providing the precise amount of heat required to provide a comfortable environment. To your customer, it is a level of comfort never experienced in their home or business.