Skuttle’s 24-Volt Current Sensing Relay

Skuttle’s 24-Volt Current Sensing Relay for interfacing humidifiers with all types of forced-air furnaces and air conditioning equipment Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products’ 24-volt Current Sensing Relay is designed for interfacing humidifiers with most heating and cooling systems. It senses current rather than measuring voltage, making it more reliable (and yet, less expensive) than using sail switches, pressure switches or other types of relays. The relay installs around the blower motor’s common lead and inserts easily into the circuitry. The current sensing relay case is constructed from high-impact plastic. The lead wire bracket is protected by a sponge insert to prevent damage to the wire and/or accidental contact with metal. IMPORTANT: The wire lead bracket must carry a minimum of 5.0 amps for proper operation. If the current draw is less than 5.0 amps, wrap the lead wire around the bracket so that it passes between the bracket and relay housing 2 or more times.